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Networking interview questions

Networking interview questions

Basic Networking interview questions and answers

What is network?
Answer: A collection of interconnected computer or network.

What is the full form of LAN?
Answer: Local Area Network.

What is the full form of WAN?
Answer: Wide Area Network.

What is the full form of DNS?
Answer: Domain Name system.

What is MAC address?
Answer: An unqiue value associated with a network adapter.

How many layers are there in OSI model?
Answer: Seven.

What is FTP?
Answer: It is a protocol that helps to transfer files between computers.

Networking interview questions Advance

MAC addressing works at which layer of OSI model?
Answer: Data link layer.

What is DHCP?
Answer: Working of DHCP  is that, Without having any pre-configured IP address any computer can join any IP-based network.

What is Ethernet?
Answer: It is helps LAN's to work on physical and Data link layer.

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