Friday, December 13, 2013

Java interview questions

Basic Java interview questions

What is Java?
Answer: Java is a high level programming language.

What is a class?
Answer: A class is a blueprint of a object.

What is object?
Answer: A object is a instance of a class.

What is variable?
Answer: A object may have its unique set of things, which is called variable.

Java interview questions advance

What is java Identifiers?
Answer: The name that is used for classes, variables and methods is called as java identifiers.

What is java modifiers?
Answer: Modifiers are those objects that are used to modify classes.

Name the three types of variable in Java?
Answer: Local, Class and Instance Variable.

What is array in Java?
Answer: Arrays helps to store multiple variables of the same type.

Name the data types used  in Java?
Answer: Primitive and Object data types.

What is Java literal?
Answer: With the help of literal we can represent a fixed value as source code.

Java interview questions on operators

"&" is what kind of operator in Java?
Answer: It is a Bitwise operator called as Binary And.

++ is what kind of operator in Java?
Answer: It is a Arithmetic operator.

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