Thursday, December 12, 2013

Interview questions

Interview questions on Computer

Which part of the computer can display the user's work?
Answer: Monitors.

What does a electronic spreadsheet consist of?
Answer: Rows, Columns and cells.

What is the output called when a computer prints a report?
Answer: Hardcopy.

Interview questions on Banking and Finance

What is the full form of KYC?
Answer: Know your customer.

What is repo rate?
Answer: It is a rate at which banks borrow rupees from RBI.

What is the full form of NPA?
Answer: Non performing assets.

Which bank is the banker to the central government?
Answer: Reserve bank of India.

Other Interview questions

Which is called as Luic acid?
Answer: Aluminium Chloride.

Which place is called as the Paris of India?
Answer: Jaipur.

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