Friday, December 13, 2013

C interview questions

Basic c interview questions

What i C?
Answer: C is a general purpose procedural programming language.

Who developed C?
Answer: Dennis M. Ritchie.

What is the extension of a c file?
Anwer: ".C"

What is C compiler?
Answer: C compiler make the source code in human readable program.

What is C token?
Answer: All C program consist of tokens like; keyword, identifier, symbol, constant and etc.

What is Comments in C?
Answer: Comments are the helping text which does not compiled by compiler.

What is C identifiers?
Answer: It is used to identify a variable.

What is keywords in C?
Answer: Keywords are the reserved words.

What is whitespace?
Answer: It is an empty line which is ignored by compiler.

Important C interview questions

What is type void in C?
Answer: To indicate no Value.

"char" is what kind of data types?
Answer: Integer.

What is c variable?
Anwer: A name indicating a storage area.

"&&" is what kind of operator in C?
Answer: Logical.

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