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Networking interview questions

Networking interview questions

Basic Networking interview questions and answers

What is network?
Answer: A collection of interconnected computer or network.

What is the full form of LAN?
Answer: Local Area Network.

What is the full form of WAN?
Answer: Wide Area Network.

What is the full form of DNS?
Answer: Domain Name system.

What is MAC address?
Answer: An unqiue value associated with a network adapter.

How many layers are there in OSI model?
Answer: Seven.

What is FTP?
Answer: It is a protocol that helps to transfer files between computers.

Networking interview questions Advance

MAC addressing works at which layer of OSI model?
Answer: Data link layer.

What is DHCP?
Answer: Working of DHCP  is that, Without having any pre-configured IP address any computer can join any IP-based network.

What is Ethernet?
Answer: It is helps LAN's to work on physical and Data link layer.

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Php interview questions

php interview questions

What is php perser?
Answer: Php perser helps to generate HTML output that will be sent to Browser.

What is php constants?
Answer: It is a name or identifier for any simple value.

What is echo statement in php?
Answer: It helps to give output of one or more strings.

What is print statement in php?
Answe: It can only output one string and returns 1.

Basic php interview questions

What is php switch statement?
Answer: Is used to perform different types of actions on different types of conditions.

What is php string?
Answer: Php strings are sequence of characters.

What is php array?
Answer: It helps to store multiple value at single variable types.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

BPO interview questions

Tell us about yourself?
Answer: Tell the truth and don't get mixed up.

Why you choose bpo as a career path?
Answer: Because i believe that i can serve the people with my voice.

Why companies outsource their work?
Answer: Mainly saving of cost.

Can you briefly describe the terms "voice based Bpo'S"?
Answer: Talking with the customer.

C interview questions

Basic c interview questions

What i C?
Answer: C is a general purpose procedural programming language.

Who developed C?
Answer: Dennis M. Ritchie.

What is the extension of a c file?
Anwer: ".C"

What is C compiler?
Answer: C compiler make the source code in human readable program.

What is C token?
Answer: All C program consist of tokens like; keyword, identifier, symbol, constant and etc.

What is Comments in C?
Answer: Comments are the helping text which does not compiled by compiler.

What is C identifiers?
Answer: It is used to identify a variable.

What is keywords in C?
Answer: Keywords are the reserved words.

What is whitespace?
Answer: It is an empty line which is ignored by compiler.

Important C interview questions

What is type void in C?
Answer: To indicate no Value.

"char" is what kind of data types?
Answer: Integer.

What is c variable?
Anwer: A name indicating a storage area.

"&&" is what kind of operator in C?
Answer: Logical.

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Java interview questions

Basic Java interview questions

What is Java?
Answer: Java is a high level programming language.

What is a class?
Answer: A class is a blueprint of a object.

What is object?
Answer: A object is a instance of a class.

What is variable?
Answer: A object may have its unique set of things, which is called variable.

Java interview questions advance

What is java Identifiers?
Answer: The name that is used for classes, variables and methods is called as java identifiers.

What is java modifiers?
Answer: Modifiers are those objects that are used to modify classes.

Name the three types of variable in Java?
Answer: Local, Class and Instance Variable.

What is array in Java?
Answer: Arrays helps to store multiple variables of the same type.

Name the data types used  in Java?
Answer: Primitive and Object data types.

What is Java literal?
Answer: With the help of literal we can represent a fixed value as source code.

Java interview questions on operators

"&" is what kind of operator in Java?
Answer: It is a Bitwise operator called as Binary And.

++ is what kind of operator in Java?
Answer: It is a Arithmetic operator.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Interview questions

Interview questions on Computer

Which part of the computer can display the user's work?
Answer: Monitors.

What does a electronic spreadsheet consist of?
Answer: Rows, Columns and cells.

What is the output called when a computer prints a report?
Answer: Hardcopy.

Interview questions on Banking and Finance

What is the full form of KYC?
Answer: Know your customer.

What is repo rate?
Answer: It is a rate at which banks borrow rupees from RBI.

What is the full form of NPA?
Answer: Non performing assets.

Which bank is the banker to the central government?
Answer: Reserve bank of India.

Other Interview questions

Which is called as Luic acid?
Answer: Aluminium Chloride.

Which place is called as the Paris of India?
Answer: Jaipur.

Tips for interviews

The most common tips for any kind of interview is being real.
Just show what you can afford. Smartness is good but, don't try to be over smart. Because the person who will take your interview is much more
experience than you.

Try to avoid fear from you inside.
Practice to face yourself in front of mirror.

Some of the common tips for your interviews

Know about the company.
Your responsibilities to company.
Likes and dislikes of your previous work.

Interview questions and answers

Interview questions and answers on computer

What is assembly language?
Answer: A low level programming language.

In which menu replace option is available?
Answer: Edit menu.

What is the base of the binary system?
Answer: 2

What type of keys are "ctrl" and "shift"?
Answer: Modifier.

What is the name of the main system board of a computer?
Answer: Mother board.

Interview questions and answers on E-commerce

SET protocol is used for which purpose?
Answer: Credit card payment.

How Digital signature is implemented?
Answer: Public and Private key.

Interview questions and answers on History

In which year the Battle of Plassey held?
Answer: 1757

In which year kalinga was fought in?
Answer: 261 BC

Interview questions and answers on Chemistry

What is the first artificial element in the world?
Answer: Technetium

What is the name of the lightest metal?
Answer: Lithium

What is the name of the lightest gas?
Answer: Hydrogen

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

personal interview tips

In an personal interview the most common questions asked mostly. Below we have describe these question.

There are three basic questions that are asked in an interview. These are stated below.

Tell me about yourself.
How do you handle a pathetic situation?
What or who motivates you mostly?

The first questions that rises at first is,
Tell me about yourself.

It is not only a warm up question but also a important questions which can describe yourself as the right candidate for the work they are looking for.

So take this question as very vital one.

And the other questions can be answered with your basic knowledge.

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